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Rapids School of Performing Arts

Rapids School of Performing Arts is the only facility in Central Wisconsin that provides dance, music, and theatre training all at one location.  Our staff are highly educated and experienced in their fields.  The faculty have professional choreographic and performance credit, and are active members of our community.  


Building Layout

Our current floor plan has just under 6,000 square feet of workable space.  Within that space, we will have two large dance studios with 12 foot ceilings, professionally sprung dance floors and a wall of full length mirrors.  The studios are equipped with both stationary and wall-mounted ballet barres.  Our third studio is a smaller more intimate space that will be used for the younger age groups.  This space will have a large viewing window for parents to be an outside audience as their young children take class.  The fourth studio space is a room that is for small group and private music lessons.  This space will be equipped with a piano, and will be insulated to provide a sound barrier into the lobby and other spaces of the business.  Our building has two centrally located dressing room spaces, as well as two handicapped accessible bathrooms.  The floor plan also has a lockable space for retail sales and a staff office.

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